Do Herbal Body Wraps Work?

Do Herbal Body Wraps Work?

Clay from the Nile River was even part of Cleopatra’s beauty and health regime! The ancient empires of Egypt, Greece and Rome relied on Chinese herbalism for healing the through pastes, lotions and wrapping the body. These types of treatments came from Europe and were introduced into North America in the 1960s. However, they were primarily administered as spa treatments until the development of less expensive, home body wraps became popular in America in the 1990s.

Toxins and chemicals can build up in our bodies from our intake of foods and liquids and from the environment (ie., air, sun exposure). They are also absorbed through our skin through the cosmetic products we use on our body and hair. Beneath our skin, there are layers of fat cells which are surrounded by interstitial fluid, which consists mostly of water and is active in nourishing our bodies and aid in ridding our bodies of toxins and waste. The average person has approximately 2.9 gallons of interstitial fluid in their bodies. This fluid can become excessive for various reasons such as poor diet, lack of exercise, getting older, etc. and our bodies begins to accumulate it. Cellulite is when this fluid hardens beneath the skin and creates visible “dimples.” Over 80% of all women exhibit cellulite, and it’s now wonder why these types of inch loss solutions are more popular than ever.

According to the “Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery” body wraps are a natural method to quickly decrease excess water weight by boosting the metabolism and increasing circulation. Combined with pastes and sea clays, they provide warm pressure to produce vasodilatation and help stimulate the metabolism to eliminate toxins. These types of body treatments also compact the fat cells thereby shaping and contouring your body by reducing inches from problem areas. Body wraps are also known to soften and tighten skin as well as reducing wrinkles and blemishes. Since our skin is the largest organ in our body, detoxifying it through wrapping the body can have a benefit on your whole health.

So, do body wraps really work? Yes, as long as they are being used for the right reasons. These products are great for looking and feeling better, but should never used solely as a weight loss solution. A healthy diet, along with exercise, will compliment your home body wrap treatments.

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